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This is my list of stuff that should happen in life and in VQ.

Minute Rice should be called 9-minute rice. 3 to find, 3 to cook and 3 to eat!
A better Ref with snazzier, wittier comebacks and battle desriptions.
A Top 50 list on this site...(hint hint)
More Fan mail and less /Falados-smile 's from Uber-N00bs.
The banning of the letter Q and replacing it with the letter Razuu or a cool sign like thos C and A's stuck together.
Cooler VQ Names...
Me as a Game OP, I'll ban you all!!!Hahahahahaha! You will all become onions!!!
Able to make 's and junk in Java Servers
More renagade clans
My site on the VQ Links.....stupid Wexler.
Somebody stuffing Falados
More flavoring to the Ranch Wheat Thins
Anti-crunch potatoe chips
Little children should wear lights
Enforced arranged marriges
Got One, Send it to me at TheLost@phayze.com

For your information, Razuu looks like an M with an A on top of it. The bottom parts of the A are touching the top corners of the M.