Dager's VQ Page
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VQ Fun Stuff

Bunch O fun stuff do to in VQ Arena, Bones and DoD.

Here is my grand list of fun stuff to do in all of VQ. Very Fun!
DoD stuph-
Screw everything up...not much more here
Arena Stuph- (assorted by Rank)
Make fun of the Game OP
Keep saying your other char is Area
Make fun of other players, making lifelong enemies
Challenge the buff guys and when they win tell them it was just lucky
(see above)
Challenge enemies from Novice
Make a renagade guild that wants to ban profanity filters
Pretend to be a hacker
Become funny/serious/gay ,this will affect your GM and M rep.
(see above)
Taunt Newbies in Bones
In bones, put 00 at the end of your gold amount
Petition Game OP to use Green instead of Pink
Actaully make a reputation
Grand Master-
Make friends with Dager
Make friends with GameOP
Be sure to see all of the cool guys, like Cheese and Arkhain.
Finally beat your enemies you made in Novice
Rename your Falados Slayer to one of the names i have provided.
In Bones, show your gold amount and watch the replies
Join Nexus
Bones Stuff-
Curse all you want, there is no game op in bones...yet
Pretend you won the Jackpot
Make up fake cheats
Taunt Noobs
Awesome Falados Slayer names:
Cherry Popper
FS Slayer
Sword of Pupu
(FS name here)
Blood Longsword (for fighters, Quick Dagger for theif and so on)
Falados Slayer
Now Bankrupt
Shiver Me Timbers
2 million for this?!
Banning Stick
(Got more?? Send them in to TheLost@phayze.com )

Darbin (E) - /Falados-smile
LordRahl (GM) - /Falados-smile
Scuzzz (E) - /Falados-smile
all in one day!! when will you see the 5 sided bones?!?!