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Get ready for some really weird stuff about me....and my Char's. Please dont tell anybody this stuff. PLEASE

It seems such a self-evident thing,that I,that we,are alive and yet too often,I fear,we easily forget that important but simple fact.It is so easy to forget that you are alivem or at least to truly appreciate being alive.That every sunset is yours to see and every sunrise is yours to enjoy
It is easy to miss the chance that a person who passes by can become an event and a memory, good or bad,to break monotony of passing moments.Those wasted moments, those hours of sameness are little stretches of death within lifes moments
We are all dying, every moment of every day.That is the inescapable truth of existance.It is a truth that can paralyze us with fear or one that can energize us to find a memory in any action.
That is the meaning of life,I have come to understand.But that understanding brings misery.There is no escaping death.But I can be patient and convince myself of the best.For to brood upon my fears,I would defeat life's purpose.