Dager's VQ Page
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For all of those who made fun of me and/or my site...this is for you. And some stupid peeps also.

You know who you are... I know you do. Dont play stupid... O, whats that? You aren't playing?!  Yeah, I knew that... Cause you suck! Thats why your on my Hall of Shame! Yeah, except with your big behind, its now a... House of Shame! Yeah! You know who I'm talking about. You know its you... and if it isn't (which you should know) I don't even know why you bothered to come here! Some people... just so rude and annoying! Stupid rude/annoying people! Quit bothering me! This message was directed towards all you people who know it was directed towards you!
I  have one thing to say to you people...
SHAKOJIN!!! (Thats Japanese for you suck)

Dont mess with Dager, Japupu, Shrimp or even Japupu_Es_El_Grande !!!