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Java Server Log!

This is the worst of the three I had. I lost one and the second one was autocleared before i copied it all.

<Cheese> i hope you jump off a tree
<bob> lol, Dager....
<Speducles> whats that
<bob> nvm
<bob> lmao
<li_psionic> anyone wanna blitz?
<Dager> how tall??
<li_psionic> 950k+
<Cheese> 110 inches!
<Dager> gasp
<bob> 10 inches....around....think about it O.o
* Chance looks at the screen, horrified *
<Speducles> this is wierd
<Speducles> what is the place
<Cheese> its the other side of the tracks
<Coltoneus> I think they all had some of my Special Pepsi
<Dager> What is this foolishness??
<bob> Oh great.....another noob trying to be funnah :p
<bob> j/k
<Speducles> fruit is tasty
<Dager> a tree?!
<Cheese> thats why we're acting this way, colt?
* Chance wonders why nar must say who all is on his block list... *
<Coltoneus> yes, it is.
<Coltoneus> Cheese, I spiked my Pepsi with sugar, crack and caffeine
* Chance wants pepsi...will BRB again *
<Coltoneus> it might explain our attitudes
* DracoWildfire joined the room.
* glenn runs for Colts Pepsi
<Cheese> it might
<Speducles> * Spedulce added to ignore list.
<DracoWildfire> i gotta go to bed night all
<Coltoneus> * stabs glenn in the eye *
<DracoWildfire> night ian
<Coltoneus> get away!
<Coltoneus> MINE
* bob left the room.
<Cheese> so dager, what gets your butter churning?
* DracoWildfire gives every1 a cookie before he goes*
<bob> :D
<BUD-WEI-SER> cheeses gold reset =((
* glenn doesnt care and grabs the pepsi
<Coltoneus> * notes that the above caps is a death-metal yell *
<Cheese> mwhahahaha! gold reset!
<Dager> bamboo
<Grudan> cya Draco, sleep well
<DracoWildfire> ok see if u guys get a goodnight from me...
<Cheese> same day as my first ban!
<Coltoneus> * stabs glenn in the eye, twists the dagger, and pins the eyeball to glenn's shirt *
<Narcissas(ultimate)> umm nite draco
<bob> added to hit list.
<DracoWildfire> well goodnight to u too grudan = P
* bob added to hit list.**
<Speducles> i am Speducles
<Speducles> king of the fools
<DracoWildfire> g'night all cya tommorrow or when ever
<Coltoneus> bye Draco
<Dager> Cheese... by butter churning...
<bob> Not enough :p
<Dager> did you mean aroused?
<Cheese> your exp reset
* butterfly joined the room.
<Cheese> you give like 200k
<Coltoneus> wb butterfly
<butterfly> tis Butterfly!!!
<butterfly> ty
<Narcissas(ultimate)> wb
<Grudan> hi butterfly
<Cheese> * You recieved 921481 exp and 1754 gold.
<Cheese> yes!
<Cheese> finally popped my damned jaw
<Dager> horray
<Cheese> trying to do that since 10:30
<butterfly> ok no lap dances in this privy!!
<glenn> i gtg cya tomarrow.
<Coltoneus> butterfly, draw on my arm with my new dagger in detail?
<Cheese> AM!
<Dager> gasp
* Chance comes back w/a jacket, a hat, some mittens, and a pepsi * ahh, much better.
<Cheese> how about i get my fountain pen and load it with burning hot acid, colt?
<Coltoneus> Chance, gimme a sip of Pepsi?
<bob> O.o
<Narcissas(ultimate)> whoa
<bob> o.O
<Chance> no, colt. lol
<butterfly> sure colty
<Narcissas(ultimate)> glrimril has a site?
<bob> o.o
* butterfly gives colty her pepsi
<Coltoneus> yay
<Cheese> man.. i want mittens..
<Coltoneus> you pick something, k?
* bob left the room.
<Dager> a cat named mittens?
* Chance tosses cheese some mittens *
<Cheese> last time i wore mittens.. was... 6 days ago
<Cheese> yes! mitten time..
<Chance> rofl...last time I wrote mittens was...never
<Cheese> man i love that word.. mitten...
<Dager> Sounds funny
<Coltoneus> the words spiffy and spork are kewler than mitten
<Cheese> mitte mitten!!
<butterfly> i cant think of any hing colty
<Dager> i want a mitten
<Coltoneus> hm.... a big, detailed dragon?
<Cheese> they make your hands warm!
<Yulstew> brb li_psi
<Dager> and toasty
<Chance> myztacia's better than mittens, spiffy, and spork combined!
<Grudan> a kitten mitten lol
<butterfly> hummmmmmmmmmm
<Cheese> yes chance, you are
<li_psionic> ok
* butterfly starts at the head
<Chance> lmao, I meant the word!
<butterfly> hold still
<Cheese> well.. that too!
* Chance made it up; smiles proudly * ;)
<Dager> women...
<butterfly> yes?
* Chance kicks dager * Dagers...
* Cheese shows off my mitten
<Dager> god has one sick sence of humor
<Chance> lmao
<Dager> women...
<butterfly> yes?
* Chance kicks dager * Dagers...
* Cheese shows off my mitten
<Dager> god has one sick sence of humor
<Chance> lmao
<Dager> women...
<butterfly> yes?
* Chance kicks dager * Dagers...
* Cheese shows off my mitten
<Dager> god has one sick sence of humor
<Chance> lmao
<Chance> Dager is a dumbass :)
<Cheese> yeah
<Cheese> he lost my log
* Chance won't ask... *
<Coltoneus> butterfly, you gonna draw? In detail?
<Cheese> his copy of my gameop conversations in novice
<Dager> it was an accident
<Chance> ooh...
<butterfly> workin on it colty
* Chance shakes her head *
<Cheese> he posted a little bit of them in the forum
<Cheese> but thats not good enough
<Dager> yeah
<Cheese> but thats ok
<Chance> rofl
<Cheese> cause i have my mitten
<Cheese> and my hand is cozy
<Chance> u're welcome, cheese ;)
<Dager> i find wool mittens better than cloth
<Chance> I find all dagers like the other
<Cheese> oh yeah! mitten says thank you chance :D
<Chance> lmao
<li_psionic> wb
<Dager> your mitten can talk??
<Cheese> what color is this mitten?
<Dager> neon brown
<Cheese Wispered> !
* Chance looks around the room nervously *
<Whispered to Cheese> ?!!
* butterfly licks colts dagger
* Xenethan we love you Chance
<Cheese Wispered> ?!! !!
<Chance> how many of u are there, xen?!
<Xenethan> a couple
* Chance shakes her head * lol
<Grudan> lol
<Whispered to Cheese> is this some elite code???
* butterfly draws tiny deep scales all over the dragon body
<Xenethan> 1 for every produce department round the world so you'll never escape
<Coltoneus> ack
<Chance> roflmao
<Cheese Wispered> !!!! !?!
<Whispered to Cheese> ???!??!!!! !?!!!! !?!
<butterfly> * butterfly draws tiny deep scales all over the dragon body
<Grudan> *love also shows respect. lol
<Coltoneus> ok
<Xenethan> lol Chance will go to Italy to smell the tofu an get kissed by xen
<Cheese Wispered> !!! ?! !!! !!??!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Inputed Text too long.
<Xenethan> lol, if you went to iItaly yes
<Whispered to Cheese> *Inputed Text too long
* Chance doesn't eat fruit or veggies *
<Xenethan> lol, she sucks meat
* Chance raises an eyebrow at xen *
<Coltoneus> o.O
<Coltoneus> O.o
<Coltoneus> o.o
<Xenethan> jk
<Coltoneus> O.O
<Coltoneus> ^.^
* Chance thinks "u better be..." *
<Coltoneus> I just did all the little surprise faces.
<Narcissas(ultimate)> * Wins/Losses: 19000/18122
* butterfly slowly draws sharp deep spikes on the back of the dragon
* Xenethan Gives Chance some Pepperoni
* Chance doesn't want any food *
<Dager> Im out...
<Cheese Whispered> !