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Welcome to EverQuest Roster/Gallery!

EverQuest Roster/Gallery is free software, released under it's own license (see License for details)

Please, enjoy EverQuest Roster/Gallery and remember that this is free software and comes without any warranty, please don't email me asking how to make this or that, I'll ignore that type of emails. EverQuest Roster/Gallery isn't perfect, but your suggestions and feedback can help all of us to have a very well done Roster and Gallery system!

Your Help Needed
Currently I am coding this project with an outdated program (PHPEd) I am taking donations from this project and will be using them to get a new version of PHPEd although it is rather expensive ($500.00) with your help from donations I will be able to code this project even faster than I currently am. I will post a page on the website that will show how much money has been donated for this project and what it was spent on I will do this freely so everyone can see where your donations go.

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