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Base Requirements
In order to setup the program the following prerequisites are necessary.
*nix System
Apache: 1.3.23+
PHP: 4.0.5+
MySQL: 3.23.48+
The above doesn't mean it work with other configurations, OS's, DB's etc, but we only provide INSTALL instructions for the above configuration. In fact EQ Roster/Gallery works under Windows 98 using PHPTriad.

Installing the Pack
Unzip the package into the directory you want to use on your web server, if you're unsure where that is, ask your system administrator.
When you unpack the files to your desired directory it will have a file system of this:

/ <- roster/gallery/event/bank files
/admin/ <- admin files
/includes/ <- included files
/images/ <- image files

First you need to if your running on a Unix server with Apache you will need to CHMOD the file config.php to 666 found in the /includes/ directory or the install file will not run then run the install.php file found in the /includes/ directory and use the step by step instructions in it and don't forget to write down your admin username and password as you will need them to get into the Admin CP for the scripts.
Now new in this version you don't have to edit any files to get it to work, the install file does everything for you and then automatically locks after an install or upgrade!, it is a lot easier than before in the future you may not even have to edit a file.

Now if your running on a Unix server with Apache you will need to CHMOD a few directories first CHMOD the /gallery/ directory in /images/ directory to 666 so people can upload the gallery images they want to post, then CHMOD the /chars/ directory in /images/ directory to 666 so people can upload pictures of there characters for there character profiles.
After that you can split your websites design and place the top in the header.php file and the bottom in the footer.php file these are located in the /includes/ directory after that EQRG should be integrated into your existing website if you have any questions about splitting your website please go to the forums and read the support forums for EQRG and there is a post in there about this issue.

Your document root should look like this:

That's it!...

Now point your browser to:,,,

Optional Configuration
You can now change all the features and options in the administration area.

Install Problems
If you are having install problems like the install.php script is not functioning then you will need to make the database and populate it manually. For this I have supplied a dump file for you it is located in the /includes/ directory. to make the admin use the data provided in the users dump area all you have to do is change the name "Admin" to any name you want and the password "adpass" to any password you want and then change to the admin's email address. You should be done. To do this manually I suggest using phpMyAdmin it is a good well structured program for managing a MySQL database also you will need to edit the config.php file as you had to make the database manually it should be pretty much self explanatory. If you can't upload images to the gallery or character pics then you need to CHMOD the directories to 777.

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