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December 2002: Version 1.7 Blue Sky
 Added User to User Messaging
 Fixed new classes and level cap
 Adding Events is now up to any registered user.
 EQRG's directory structure has been modified considerably
 Added Guest event registration
 Added Option to disable Guest event registration
 Added User editable passwords
 Added Admin editable Guild Password
 Added ability to link to a characters pic instead of uploading one
 Added new character status "Retired"
 Added Gnome Shadownight Combination
 Added Halfling Ranger Combination
August 2002: Version 1.6
 Events Listings
 Administration CP
 User Profiles
 Editable colors
 Editable options
 Signup Disable/Enable
 Roster Disable/Enable
 Gallery Disable/Enable
 Events Disable/Enable
 Bank Disable/Enable
 Option View Primary and Alternate Characters or Primary Only
July 2002: Version 1.5
 HTML cleanup
 code cleanup
 New gender field
 New zone keys field to put what zone keys you have in
 Alternating row colors makes list easy to read
April 2002: Version 1.5b1
First inital public release
 HTML cleanup
 code cleanup
 easyer to modify options in scripts
August 2001: Version 1.0
First inital private release only used on the DoT Guild Website.

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