KiKiNeSs and Yurora's Wedding

Hehehe... first wedding. I wanted to do i pirate theme... but they said not to...

<Dager> Sorry im late, i just got back from K-Mart...
<Dager> I saw an ad saying "Boys Pants, Half Off"... turns out they meant the price =(
<LadySilverWolf> ok lets just start it
<christate_II> ((brb yallz, have to get mah food IRL...))
<Dager> we ready?
<KiKiNeSs> lol..
* Reikisai joined the room.
<Dager> that was some bachelor party Yuri had last night though...
<Reikisai> lmao
<Dager> im still kinda woozy
<Yurora> really?
* myst joined the room.
<KiKiNeSs> ....
* christate_II is ready....
<Yurora> too bad I missed it
<Dager> we are here to sacramentize KiKiNeSs and Yuraro in holy matrimony
<Dager> this is a joyous occasion for all of us..
<Dager> we get to see two people join lives forever....
<myst Wispered> doesn't it go "we are gathered here today..." not "sacramentize", what the hell does that mean?
<Scuzzz Wispered> ive been to several weddings - your missing words
<Dager> and since i forgot to write down everything i wanted to say... lets go to the vows
* Yurora is getting nervous
<Dager> Yurora... do you take KiKiNeSs to be your wife, to have and to hold, ect...
<Dager> a simple Yes or No is fine
* Yurora looks deep in kiki's eyes
<Yurora> i do.
<Dager> Do you, KiKiNeSs, want the same thing as Yurora?
<KiKiNeSs> i do
<Dager> oooo
* Yurora smiles widely
<Dager> any people who to not wish for these two people to get cyber-married, speak now or forever hold your peace
<GameOp> meee
<Dager> ...were looking at you GameOP....
<Dager> thought so... what do you want
<GameOp> I want to marry Dager
* Yurora growls softly
<LadySilverWolf> O.O
<Dager> we all do... but thats out of the question
<KiKiNeSs> Go jus shutup
<KiKiNeSs> eek.. lol
<LadySilverWolf> nic
<LadySilverWolf> nice*
<Dager> anyone else???
<GameOp> someone has to make me pie
<Dager> were looking at you, SilverWolf....
* Yurora haunches rise
<myst> it's cake, not pie
<GameOp> chocolate cake
<Reikisai> get on with it...
* Scuzzz walks out of the room
<myst> vanilla is better
<Dager> nobody opposes?
* christate_II clears his throat
<LadySilverWolf> No Dager, no one opposes
<Scuzzz> good luck KiKi and yurora - i have a appointment
<Dager> i now pronounce you husband and husband
* Zero_Limit joined the room.
<Yurora> ??
<KiKiNeSs> ??
* Scuzzz left the room.
* Yurora growls
<Dager> er... wife
<KiKiNeSs> ...
<Dager> you may blitz the bride
* Yurora nods and smiles
<Yurora> lol
<GameOp> in bed
<myst> hehe
<Zero_Limit> LoL
<Reikisai> omg
<Dager> since i have no piano player...
* LadySilverWolf puts tape over the GO's mouth*
<Dager> ill make the music
* Yurora pulls kiki close and kisses her long and deep
<Reikisai> GO, you perv
<Reikisai> *claps*
<Zero_Limit> damn i missed it
<LadySilverWolf> yay! congratulations KiKi and Yurora!!
<Zero_Limit> oh well
<LadySilverWolf> yea you
<Dager> DUN
<Zero_Limit> .me walks away
* christate_II smiles warmly as he sees 2 of his friends wed
<Zero_Limit> ..
<KiKiNeSs> uhoh mom is screaming at me..
<Zero_Limit> piece of garbage
* LadySilverWolf grabs you stay now
<KiKiNeSs> sorry brb
<Dager> DUN DUN
<Reikisai> lol
<myst> that's good Dager...
<myst> no more...
<LadySilverWolf> Dager..are you doing mission impossible or wedding march?
<LadySilverWolf> lol
<Reikisai> lmao
<Dager> both
<Zero_Limit> mission impossible...cuz its more fun
<Dager> im at the climax... hold on
* myst hugs Reik * so when is our wedding? =)
<myst> hehe...
<myst> j/k
<LadySilverWolf> a nice..*shoves Dager off the piano and starts to play some wedding music*
<Zero_Limit> lol
<Reikisai> well, i g2g, congrats yuri and kikerz!!!
<myst> awwww... bye Reik
<Yurora> thank you
<Reikisai> lol, i dunno, haven't thought about that much...
<KiKiNeSs> mk me bak: )
<LadySilverWolf> wb
<KiKiNeSs> thanx lol
* Yurora hugs kiki
<Dager> nuts... i forgot to exchange the rings....
<Dager> pssh... screw that idea

Dager will gladly Minister your wedding... and make it any theme you want! Email him at or IM him at Mad Bishop 2

Yarr... next time it'll be a pirate theme or ill keel-haul ya, matey... Yarr..