Dager's VQ Page
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VQ Career Help

Ive Outlined the perfect career for any VQer.

Make fun of the Game OP
Keep saying your other char is Area
Make fun of other players, making lifelong enemies
Challenge the buff guys and when they win tell them it was just lucky
(see above)
Challenge enemies from Novice
Make a renagade guild that wants to ban profanity filters
Pretend to be a hacker
Get AIDS from GameOp.
(see above)
Petition Game OP to use Green instead of Pink
Actaully earn a reputation (this wont matter because I'll still think you're gay.)
Learn your true sexual preference.
Prepare to get raped mercilessly in GM by yours truely.
Grand Master-
Make friends with Dager
Make friends with GameOP
Be sure to see all of the cool guys (just Cheese and Dager)
Finally beat your enemies you made in Novice. If you cant, you're a Loser and you might as well quit, dumbass.
Join Nexus (its where we have sex with nymphs)

Mad Bishop 2 ==> AIM Handle