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Pokemon Will Die..

This section is briefly going to describe certain topics about Pokemon that make no sense at all. Everything that is written here is a perfect reason never to watch the show. Unfortunately, we had to watch the show to get you this information, just so you wouldn't have to watch it.
Pokemon have no sex origin. This means they can never mate. If they can never mate, then they can never reproduce. One question is still remaining though, WHERE THE HECK ARE ALL THOSE POKEMON COMING FROM?!
The Pokeballs?!! How do the Pokemon breathe in there? How do they get in there in the first place? These are all unanswered questions that no one can actually answer. A Pokemon could possibly be split up into little cells while transported into the Pokeball but they couldn't breathe that way. Also, Once inside the Pokeball, how can the Pokemon be so small. Is it like a secret technique they have, and if so, why don't they just use it every time to escape from things.
One annoying thing are the cousins in the Pokemon world. Pretty much every cousin who has a profession of being a police officer, nurse, and probably some other jobs look the same, have the same job and age, and the only way you can tell them apart is by asking them from what city they are. And, every person has about 50 cousins, which is very unlikely!
The ever-so-hateable Pokemon centers. They're practically everywhere. Imagine this: Two Pokemon are fighting and one of them loses and gets hurt. Suddenly, somebody says that they saw a Pokemon center not far away, and the trainer starts running with his Pokemon. Next thing you know, there standing at the counter of the Pokemon center, and the Pokemon's damage hasn't increased a single bit. Then, after a couple of seconds, the Pokemon is as good as new. No injury or pain or anything. It's just so sad to see what Pokemon is getting little kids to believe. Who knows, maybe they'll stab themselves and think everything will be all right because they saw that the Pokemon could do it.
@ and X. Now you may be saying, what does that have to do with Pokemon, well I'll tell you. The Pokemon's eyes are turned into that shape when hurt, a different shape or sign will appear according to what kind of Pokemon it is. @ and X are the most common signs that appear on the Pokemon's eyes. The only thing with that is that they try to show that the Pokemon are hurt, but from my knowledge of the past, X means something is dead and @ means something is dizzy. When someone is in pain, they don't show it by the eyes, but more by their appearance, and voice. It's more likely that somebody would be screaming and/or moaning instead of not saying anything but having their eyes crossed or twirled. They would also be covering or holding a part of their body that is hurt instead of just laying on the ground.
Before the commercial, they ask the dumbest question I've ever heard. Pretty much the whole show or a minute or so before the commercial, you see a Pokemon. Then, right before the commercial, they show that Pokemon except all in black, without color. Then they ask "Who's that Pokemon" in a happy and cheery voice. GAY!!!!! I mean, the answer is so obvious that even a mentally challenged person could figure it out, and I really mean that.
Evolution, something that takes millions upon millions upon millions of years has been cut down into seconds by Pokemon. It takes Pokemon only a couple of seconds when they're strong enough. They practically changed and made wrong everything that makes sense to our knowing. It's just a disgrace to mankind's knowledge.
Ash Ketchum is the trainer of Pikachu, Pokemon's mascot. He is the most irresponsible, stupid and unintelligent person there is. He never actually trains or even takes care of his Pokemon, hell, he doesn't even catch them. He just makes friends with them and then they follow him, and he wants to become the best trainer in the world, I don't think so. He also has a very annoying voice, and he laughs like a girl.
There are no animals in the Pokemon world. Pokemon are supposed to represent the animals, but if it is so, then it is just wrong. If the Pokemon would be animals, then everything the trainers would do to them would be animal cruelty, or Pokemon cruelty in this case. Pretty much what they're saying is that Pokemon are sort of like abused animals that are trained to fight. That is wrong. Maybe one day, a person who watched Pokemon as a kid thinks he can go around and abuse animals and it will be all right cause he saw people do it on a kiddy show. And you have to admit that it's just wrong to abuse animals. To get to the point, Pokemon promotes animal cruelty.
Talking, that is something Pokemon supposedly can't do. The only thing weird about this is that Pokemon should be able to say more than just their own name if they can say vowels and consonants. Also, Pokemon can say their own names because they have a thick tongue, like humans, while other animals have thin tongues so they can't talk. If they have a thick tongue, they should be able to learn the whole English dictionary, if they were smart enough.
Team Rocket's Pokemon, called meowth, can talk. I find this unusually strange because other Pokemon can't talk but he seems to be able to understand and talk fluently like humans. I just think that this is another mistake that the creator of Pokemon made, because if one Pokemon can talk, then the rest should as well, and vice versa.
If you ever watched the Pokemon anime, you may have noticed the same plot seems to follow through almost each episode. So here it is: Ash and company meet a person (or people). Usually this person (or people) will own a Pokemon of some kind. The Pokemon or the person has some sort of problem. Before battling, after battling or during battling Team Rocket, the Pokemon or person (or people) will solve there problem. In fact, this plot holds for 3/4's of all the episodes.

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