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Please see our upcoming release of EverQuest Guild Website it is going to be a wonderful script with plenty of features! including everything in this script and will be developed parallel to this script. Please enjoy this script and if you have any suggestions and/or feature requests please direct them to the forums here.

 Admin CP
 (a ton of features!)
 Guild Password
 (user must know password to post images and register as a user)
 User-to-User Messaging
 (Users can communicate via a built in messanger system)
 Guest Password
 (user must know password to register for an event)
 User Profiles
 (users can edit there profile and view others and theres!)
 Character posting
 Character deleting
 (by the creator or admin)
 Character picture upload/linking and display
 Full profile of race/class/deitie/equipment/notes/etc.
 Sortable list
 Leader/Officer/Epic wielding character icons on the list
 User posting of images
 Poster comments
 Sortable list
 Admin Deleting of Images
 User creation of events
 User registration of events
 Guest registration of events
 Sortable list
 View money in bank
 View armor in bank
 View weapons in bank
 View spells in bank
 View misc items in bank
 Admin editable

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