Dager's VQ Page
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Dager's VQ Site is back and kicking! I was browsing through these files last night and going "Wow.. I'm pretty funny" So Ive decided to ressurrect it! Huzzah!  Sometimes I feel fuzzy inside, but then i go to the bathroom and i dont feel fuzzy no more ;). But other times, I feel as if it is my duty to bring funniness back to the boring realm of VQ+.  This is my sites intention. You may see things here and go "Wow, thats pretty offensive." And you may also go "Wow.. Ithat was so funny i splooged myself." Whatever your reaction, enjoy your stay. If enjoyment is not present when you are viewing my site, you will be shot and forced to enjoy it. You have been warned.  If you do not like this site, do not fear! Go to http://www.dagvq.tk for a more recent Dager's VQ Site. More jokes, more fun, more blatent racism!
Please send ALL submissions to TheLost@phayze.com or IM me on AIM at Mad Bishop 2.

My email is TheLost@phayze.com or you can IM me at Mad Bishop 2